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Take Your Production Online

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"Thank you David Wight, ShowGear for your hard work on the platform."


"I'd like to thank all the organizers--what a challenge, and what a success!"



"Hi David and Brandon,

"First, thank you for the incredible number of hours you both poured into the past month to ensure last week happened and with the astounding technical success you and your team made it happen.

"All of the techs I worked with were good, but I wanted to take a moment to point out to you two who I felt truly went above and beyond.
"Stephen and Amanda were both absolutely fantastic to work with and largely made me redundant in all the sessions I monitored. They were both immensely knowledgeable on the platform and were attentive (and accurate) in working with all of the speakers. Several times I was either in the process of answering questions or bringing up a reminder about the exhibit hall, or the mute buttons, or really anything, and Stephen jumped in just ahead of me with the same thing. He was truly adept both in BigMarker and in managing the flow of the session.
"I also had a board member tell me a story on Friday afternoon about how she wasn't feeling particularly comfortable after chairing a session on Tuesday morning. After the session, the board member told Amanda about the issues she was having, and said Amanda spent an extra 10-or-so minutes working with her one-on-one and showing her how each tool worked. This board member had 3 or 4 more sessions to chair and said the extra training was a massive help in running her sessions on schedule and smoothly.


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That influencing and shaping your client's perception is the most critical task any business can undertake. We can help you share that vision by properly planning and executing events and media elements that will wow and inspire your clients.

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